The Sean and Richie Show, on WGNA FM has a brand new game we are very excited about. It's called, "Drive , Pass or Pull Over", and it is sponsored by our good friends at Mohawk Honda.

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We will begin this game today and in a moment I will tell you how YOU can be one of our first contestants.

Everyday you have a chance to win $50 and you can continue to come back day after day and add to your total! Are you a trivia nut? This could be your game.

Everyday we will have a "Champion" and a "Challenger", the champion will be in "the driver's seat". We will tell you the category of the day's trivia question at that point as champion, you have a choice to make. You can "Drive" meaning you take a shot at answering the question yourself, if you get it correct you add another 50 dollars to your total and come back to play the next day, if you get it wrong you lose all of your winnings to date and leave the game with nothing. You can "Pass", meaning let your challenger answer try to answer the question, if they get it wrong, you win the 50 dollars and come back the next day, if they get it right, they steal all that you have won so far and they become the new "Champion". You can "Pull Over" , meaning you do not wish to play anymore and you would like to take the money you have won so far and walk away, and your challenger takes that day's 50 dollars and becomes the new "Champion"

It's YOUR call ... you are in the driver's seat.

So now, as we are just beginning we need a current "Champion" to start out with so I will ask you a trivia question. Everyone who answers the question below in the "comments" section will be in a drawing to win 50 dollars and be our fist "Champion" Just remember, you do have to be available at 7:50am every weekday AND we will have to be able to contact you through your Facebook this morning to get you on the air. With that said here is your trivia Question in the category, Entertainment:

What occupation was portrayed on the television screen by each of these actors: Bill Cosby, Robert Vaughn, Diana Rigg, Don Adams?

Good Luck!