Boy, does this story bring back memories for my family.  The Wilton area reportedly lost power today to over 5,000 people.  Reminds me of my own Wilton days..

According to the Times,

National Grid spokesman Steve Brady said a problem with a 115,000 volt transmission line led to power being cut off at a substation in the (Wilton and Saratoga) area.

We  lived in this area of Saratoga County between 1988-98,  just when the area was beginning to experience a huge growth spurt.  We actually lived in Gansevoort.

I can remember living there BEFORE the Wilton Mall was even thought of.  Once housing developments started sprouting up, we began losing power on seemingly random occasions.

I can remember one night walking up to my neighbor, Mark Pierre's house to borrow a candle.  We also didnt have any matches.  He generously lit it for me, and I carefully walked back to my house, which was about 8-9 doors down.

When I got to my property, the candle went out!  I had to walk back a second time for a second light.  It was pretty hysterical at the time, but it is frustrating at the same time when you lose power and there's no rational explanation, although this time I guess there was.

I hope all's well now, folks!