New York State Police believe that they have solved a case that involved several guns, and a home in Wilton.


The home was broken into and burglarized last August. After a lengthy investigation, authorities believe that they have found the people were involved with the burglary. The one suspect is from Troy. He’s 35-year-old Nicholas Bonfante who was charged with the burglary.

That part of the investigation led to authorities to get a search warrant for a home in Halfmoon. It was the home of another suspect, 31-year-old Rafael Hernandez. That’s where investigators claim that they found 10 of the stolen guns. In addition to the guns, they also allegedly found some cocaine, which led to a charge of Criminal Possession Of A Controlled Substance. Both suspects were sent to jail after they were both arraigned.

According to the article from the Times Union, there may still be more charges. Authorities are still inquiring about more information. They would like a phone call at 518-583-7010, if anyone has any more information.