The real Blake Shelton is coming to the Times Union Center tonight, but what about the fake one?

A look-a-like fooled fans and security at his show in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday.  The guy's name is Andrew Dahle and he does look a little like Blake in the face, hair and beard, and seems to be about the same height.

He entered the arena people started losing their sh*t. Everyone wanted a photo.  He even fooled a security guy in a headset who offered to escort him backstage where he enjoyed all the perks of being Blake.

Finally someone figured it out and escorted him out!  But they didn't kick him out of the arena.  He went back to his seat where more fans came up for pics and autographs.

The story is on his Facebook. Check it out -

So, do you think he'll have what it takes to show up tonight?  I doubt it, but don't think I won't be on the lookout!

Kevin Winter, Getty Images