A lot of people were a little put off by Miranda Lambert after Countryfest last weekend. I think the beach ball incidents were what really sent people over the edge. If you weren't there, Miranda has a problem with beach balls, as I understand it, she has been hit with them on more than one occation while trying to perform, since then she has kind of made a bit out of bringing a "knife" on stage to pop any of the offenders that should make there way to the stage. Well she did make a few comments about it, and of course she has that "don't mess with me" strut as she makes her way around the stage. I think these in combination with those who don't really understand that being a strong, independant, kick ass  country girl is kind of her thing made for most of the complaints. Some people were "put off" to say the least.

Now, I have had a chance to meet Miranda on a few different occasions and I have to say each of those times I thought she was great. I was a little off put myself when she spent the entire day on or near her bus and didn't "mingle" a little back stage as most, but not all do. That is her option however and I can understand that when you get to a certain point of stardom, even making your way to catering can be a pretty big hassle. I get that, though I will say being accessible and friendly to your fans and those who help your career is what got you to where you are. That said, one person on our staff and her daughter had a completely different experience with Miranda and she wanted me to tell you about it.

Chantel, one of our Sales executives here at the radio station brought her little girl to Countryfest. Her daughter Carli is a huge Miranda fan, you could even say that Miranda is her idol. When she met her Carli gave Miranda a pink "bff friendship bracelet", it has a charm that says bff on it and Carli showed her that she had the matching purple one.

As she put in on her left wrist Miranda said to her, "You brightened my whole day!" Carli was on cloud nine. Now I can tell you I have seen gifts given to artists before from hats to flowers thrown to the side and left in the dirt as soon as the person left the area. This however didn't happen with the bracelet. Keep in mind that Miranda could have put it in her pocket, on her bus and as small as it was Carli would never know if she had it on or not. Well, not only did she still have it on she had to consciously move it to her right hand at some point so she could play her guitar.

So, say what you want about Miranda's attitude but I know one little girl that would like to tell you that her "BFF" is a great singer with a great big heart.

God Bless