Wow is it hard to go back to work after a 4 day weekend!  I must say I needed the rest though, I hope you all had a great Holiday as well.  SO with that said, let's get right back to it. Before, I let you hear it, we should take a quick look at what we covered in today's morning monologue.

  • says, if it weren't for the Black Eyed Peas, he would probably have ended up in a gang.
  • Courtney Love has to pay $35,000 to former maids for years of unpaid work.
  • Andy Dick is being sued for a lewd act he performed on an audience member at one of his shows.
  • Morgan Freeman is celebrating his 74th birthday today, and I kind of feel sorry for him.
  • Avril Lavigne embarrassed the Tampa Bay Rays with her lewd language.
  • Police in Los Angeles say that a woman who was pushing around human body parts in a shopping cart is NOT mentally unstable.
  • Is your cell phone killing you? The World Health Organization says, yes.

All that and more in joke form, in today's monologue from the "Sean and Richie Show". Give it a listen.