Here we go AGAIN, iPhone lovers.  There are rumors afloat that they're just MIGHT be a new announcement on September 10th, according to one report. 

There's always alot of speculation around September of every year.  That's traditionally when Apple starts spouting off about their newest, latest and greatest.  Well, there's word on the street that a new iPhone will be announced soon.  How soon?

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According to a site called All Things D, they are expecting to have a special event on September 10th.  The talk is that they will have 2 different models - a regular priced one - probably called the 5s, and then a low cost one that comes in multicolors (probably with the current "guts" in it) .  By the way, the higher price one is expected to have a fingerprint sensor for security, and yet another whisper campaign is going around saying that the screen is going to be bigger, trying to keep up with all the other brands out there. There is also expected to be news about a larger iPad too.  (so remember all the cases that you bought for the old models?  I'm sure we'll see them on Craigslist soon).    We'll have to see if these predictions come true



Get this -  a sensor that you put in your mouth and it actually registers what you put in there! According to,  If you eat too much or smoke too much, there is a brace that you wear with a sensor attached that can differentiate whether you are " eating, speaking, coughing, smoking, drinking, and breathing."  

The information can be sent to your doctor.  I guess your significant other can see the results as well, so there's no lying here.

(I wonder if the NSA will figure out a way to infiltrate mouths too?  -maybe they should have inserted this in Snowden's yapper!


This is too long to get into here, but I have another article specifically on this topic, because it's very, very important, and could possibly keep your family alot safer