Will American Pharoah run in the Travers at Saratoga? The short answer is , probably not.That doesn't mean however that it is any way ruled out. I know that we would all love to see the only living Triple Crown Winner up close in Saratoga, and with a million dollar purse, why wouldn't Zayat Stables want to win more money? Well there is a lot to be considered including and most important serious injury or even life threatening injury. American Pharoah is worth so much more money healthy and retired, than any other horse on the planet right now, his breeding could realistically bring in 10 million dollars annually. There is the chance that if American Pharoah were to not perform well in the one or two races he could enter this year, those prices could go down.

That being said, his owner, Ahmed Zayat has said that he would love to see AP run more this year, he said the country wants to see more of American Pharoah. So why not The Travers? Well Pharoah's Trainer may have something to say about that. Bob Baffert has a horrible history in the Travers, simply horrible. I could see him arguing that that would be the one race he does not want to see American Pharoah in.

So there are the reasons it is most likely that we here in the Capital District will probabl;y not get to see the Triple Crown Champion up close but more than any other time in my life, I can say without question, on this, I hope I am wrong!