There’s a place in the Capital Region that has been set up to help with some very extraordinary people called Wildwood.

It was started in the Albany area in 1967 because there were some parents saw that their children didn’t fit into some existing programs, including state run programs.

Wildwood has grown into an organization that helps well over 1,000 people and their families, every year. Like their website states - These are services for children and adults with what is called Autism Spectrum disorders, complex learning disabilities and other developmental disabilities. Some of them (the consumers) need help with communicating and because of this, they may act out, because it’s the only way they can tell you if they need something.

For others, speech problems in general may be caused because of one of the disorders. Speech therapy is also one of the things that Wildwood may be able to help with. This also includes family counseling. These are just some of the great things that are done with the Wildwood Programs.

Wildwood is “Learning For Life.” Wildwood tries to help in gaining independence for its consumers. Our friends at YNN did a story about Jonah Katz, who was born with a learning disability and suffered a traumatic brain injury from a childhood car accident. He has a job at Albany International Airport helping people get to the correct place in the airport.

Wildwood also has residences that need staffing. This is where someone needs to help out by staying overnight. These programs take a very special individual to do this job. If you feel like you could pursue this, you can contact by email your resume to and get an automatic confirmation of receipt.

Just to let you know, the employees that stay in the residences are low paying positions and there is a very thorough process that you’ll need to do before you get hired. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the employees love working there. This is one great organization.