Wikipedia is a great website to look up information, but on Wednesday, you might not be able to do that.

Wikipedia is planning a 24 hour black out of the English language version of the popular website. In a story from AP, this will be "to protest anti-piracy legislation under consideration in Congress." If this legislation gets passed, it could allegedly hurt the open and free internet, and create some brand new censorship tools of international websites. It could put limits on things you may want to search for, by forcing internet companies to block access to foreign sites offering material. This would be a breach of US copyright laws. That could include prison time.

The bill is called SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act. It was introduced in The United States Congress, back in October, 2011. According to the Open Congress website, there is a laundry list of businesses that support this bill. Face Book, Twitter and Google are all opposed to this according to Factbox.

Some other sites that are planning their own black out protest are Boing BoingReddit, and others have announced plans to go dark in protest as well.

By the sounds of it, you may not be able to post your favorite videos on Face Book if this bill passes.