I hate flying for so many reasons but these days it is getting more and more frustrating with all of the added fees and "upgrade" options. You want legroom? You pay more. You want an extra bag? You pay more. You want a decent drink or snack? You pay more.

To me, the airlines are stating to get more and more like the State of New York, just trying to find creative ways to increase revenue by hiding a new tax or fee on everything we need. The new option that may be coming from airlines is a chance to "upgrade" yourself out of the middle seat in coach.

Truth is no one likes to be in the middle seat, even when you are with people you know, let alone two strangers but should you have to pay extra to avoid it? It used to be if you were smart enough get your tickets early you could go online and pick from a bunch of available seats in coach. Then of course they added fees for more legroom in the exit isles and the front seats behind First Class.

Are you willing to fork over another $15 to make sure you get a window or isle? Do you think the pricing is fair to everyone?