When I was at the Spring Fling in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and had an absolute blast!  There are so many great people there!

Some of the amazing people I met were from the Liberty Fresh Market in Amsterdam.

They stopped by the 'GNA table and told me all about their innovative grocery store.  They even brought me some tasty treats!

Liberty Fresh Market provides the community with affordable, high-quality, healthy food supplied mostly by local growers and producers, whenever possible.

They hire people with disabilities from the community and teach them the skills necessary to be successful employees of a retail food business.

Then, Liberty reinvests all their profits to support people with special needs in their community!

I can't think of a better idea!

You can shop for milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, meat, dry goods, spices, snacks, bakery items, produce and more!  All while supporting a great cause, and great people!

To find out more about Liberty Fresh Market, find them on Facebook - Click Here!

Or visit them online at libertyfreshmarket.com!

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images