This is quite the controversy, and as I think about it, I actually side with the guy!  Here's the backstory below

According to the news site that I seem to visit on a daily basis,, a guy from Florida has at least temporarily been banned from Starbucks everywhere.  Why?  He doesn't like people who park in handicapped spots.

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Rob Rowen lives in Tampa.  He would sit in the parking lot and watch people who pull into a handicapped spot without any sign of being disabled.  No limping, no crutches, no wheelchair, nothing.  He would take pictures of the violators too (ok, that might be a little much) and he would go into the store and continue the conversation with the violators.

Again, it's a little extreme, but the store manager took the customer's side and banned HIM.

Rob's own son-in-law has muscular dystrophy and has had a hard time finding spots, so that's been his motivation.

They eventually lifted the ban.  Maybe it's because he set up a Facebook page, labeling himself Rob "Starbucks Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Rowen.

OK, I'll let YOU weigh in on this- Is this guy a pain in the butt who should mind his own business, or do we need more "Robs" in the world?  I'm with Rob.