Maybe because we can't handle it?  Experts are saying that Pantene's "Don't Let Labels Hold You Back" commercial may hit too close to home for most Americans.

I think it's pretty powerful. They break down modern gender inequality in 1 minute flat.

However, some are saying while Pantene does a great job of pointing out some of the problems women face in the workforce today, they are also adding to the problem by almost insisting that women must look great while doing it.

Be bossy, but make sure your hair is glossy!

One blogger even compared it to a hypothetical Windex commercial that would tell women to clean their glass ceiling so it's "so shiny they won't even know it's there."

They are trying to sell a product after all, so I'll cut them some slack.  At least they'll get people talking.

My problem with the spot is that it isn't being shown on American television!  Why?  I don't understand.

Here it is.  Let me know what you think.