I am a Partner in Hope at St. Jude because I believe, just like founder Danny Thomas, that no child should die in the dawn of life!

* Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% when the hospital opened in 1962, to more than 80% today!

* Families at St. Jude have the freedom to focus on what really matters most - their children!  Because, thanks to people just like you and me, no family ever gets a bill from St. Jude!

* St. Jude freely shares the breakthroughs it makes, and every child saved at St. Jude means doctors and scientists worldwide can use that knowledge to save thousands.

* St. Jude is driving to make the overall survival rate for childhood cancer 90% by 2020!  I believe they can do it!  But they need our help!

* I love my own beautiful, healthy kids, but I donate for the parents who aren't as lucky.  We're all in this parenting boat together, and this is a great way to help other parents!

Click here to donate online!

Call 1-800-411-9898!

Photo: St. Jude