The Zac Brown Band is once again at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Country Album's chart with another musical masterpiece called 'Uncaged.'  Wonder what inspired Zac to name the album?

Zac admits that he got the idea when he spotted a hawk while riding his motorcycle.  As someone who's spent several years caged up on a tour bus, you can bet he was inspired by the uncaged bird.

The name is also appropriate as the band tackles just about every genre on the new album.  Although the album covers everything from reggae to rock, the first single 'The Wind' is very country.  Clay Cook of the Band told the Boot,  "When we were putting this album together, we already knew this would be the first single before we even went into the studio. It sets the tone; it's happy. It's a country-bluegrass song by a rock band, and there isn't enough of that on country radio."