I was pretty distrubed to learn about a website that has evidently been around for a while now.  This website is not your typical search engine nor does it publish discrete information.  This website publishes a lot of information of you and your home, you might not want just anyone to know.

The website is spokeo.com and when I found certain information about myself I first laughed and then freaked out.  TMI!  Some of the information was incorrect (it had me as male, not female), but it also had information about places I've lived, how much money I make, my hobbies, how many other people live in my household and much more.

I don't think I'm paranoid by any means -- just like to keep certain information open to my own disclosure.  So how did this website get all this information because I sure as heck did not broadcast it?  If you're like me in the sense you like to keep certain aspects of your life private, check out www.spokeo.com.  All you have to do is search for your first and last name and see what comes up.  If you have a fairly common name, multiple people might pop up in different states, but find your state and you might just find yourself.

In the event you do find your name (identity), I will admit it is pretty easy to remove yourself from this website.  All you have to do is go to www.spokeo.com/privacy; copy and paste the URL from your profile search on their website; enter your email address and re-type the code pictured to the right.  Spokeo.com will then email you with a link.  You must click on that enlosed link to remove the search capability of your name.  And WAH-LA!  You've been removed from their stalker website.