If you were listening this morning, you may have heard SG give away some clues about who will be performing at Sunday night's Secret Star Acoustic Jam.

He is the ONLY person who knows who all three acts are-he booked them himself!

He's given us all a few clues as well, but no matter how many times we've asked... he just won't tell us who it is!

So, we've done some investigating and determined who is not performing (or so we think).

According to Little Big Town's website, they will be in Toledo, OH on Sunday night so it's probbbbbbbbably not them. One caller this morning guessed Miranda Lambert. Hmmm, nothing on her calendar!

SG pleaded the fifth when asked if The Band Perry will be making an appearance. Looks like they'll be in Switzerland the day before and Paris the day after-that's a pretty far flight to play in Albany!

On our Facebook page, we've gotten a few guesses. I did some digging on those, here's what I found, based on their tour websites:

So who is it!?!?

Tune in for more clues at 8 a.m. every day this week on our Facebook page. We'll also be giving away an extra pair of tickets through our Facebook page on Friday (stay tuned for more details).

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