This week a male fan was stopped from rushing the stage at a Miranda Lambert show.

Thankfully, he didn't make it close enough to the country singer for there to be any major problems. But, it did get me thinking - who would you rush the stage for?

I've been to quite a few concerts over the years, being in radio that's bound to happen. I've thankfully kept my composure in 98.5% of situations. See, there is a slight percentage where I've had the urge to "rush," though I haven't...yet.

The one artist I think of first when it comes to a topic like this and it'll come as no shock to anyone that knows me: Sam Hunt. He's definitely a pretty individual, but talented to boot and honestly I kind of just want to bear hug him. Is that weird?

I would put Justin Timberlake in this category, as well. For Miranda's sake, she doesn't have to worry about me this June at SPAC at least! So, tell me - who would you rush the stage for? Who's your top musical crush? Let me know: