I love the NFL Draft. I remember setting aside an entire weekend to watch it unfold and see how my beloved Eagles would do. I apparently wasn't the only one as now the NFL has figured out that if they put the first round in prime time on Thursday night they can get a ton of viewers, and money. I think this year may be one of the best first rounds ever as the battle for Mariota is heating up nicely and could either shock the world, or be a complete fizzle by pick number 2.

If Tampa Bay does what we all expect them to do and pick Winston to be their new Quarterback with the first pick, the next pick in the draft could become what everyone will be talking about for months, but that is only if the Titans do NOT draft Marcus Mariota. If they don't that means some other team is about to pay dearly for a quarterback that is completely unproven on a professional level.

We have all seen this scenario go down before and I cant think of a time that it really went well for the team giving up the world to trade up for one player. I wish I could because I know all too well that my team, the Eagles covet Mariota more than any other team out there, and while I get that I'm not sure how much I think they should give away to get him.

That is not my question for you though, what I want to know is with so many teams interested or possibly interested in moving up to get Marcus, who do YOU think it will be? I have listed the teams that have either expressed interest or have a need.