Just days after the reveal that "The Man of Steel 2" will not only feature Superman but also Batman we have our first rumor as to who will play the World's Greatest Detective.

Frank Miller is the great and maybe twisted mind behind many "Graphic Novels" AKA wordy comic books. Back in the 80's Miller wrote a version of Batman that had the Dark Knight come out of retirement to fight gangs, The Joker and even Superman himself. How could the two biggest hero's in DC comics end up fighting? Batman is a vigilante and while cleaning up Gotham he upsets the President. The President that looks an awful lot like Regan in the original sends in Superman to stop Batman from breaking the law. One of the more epic fights in comic book history follows.

Okay so who is the first actor rumored to be Bruce Wayne/Batman for "Man of Steel 2"? "Teen Wolf" and "7th Heaven" actor Tyler Hoechlin.

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What do you think? Is he a good choice? If not then who?