There are a few things in life I really , really hate. Not many, but a few. One of those things is bullying. I know that there is a new campaign through out the country to fight bullying and make kids understand the need to respect each other and our differences. You don't always get to see that that message is getting through though, so I wanted to share this story.

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I saw a great story in the N.Y. Daily News about a girl who was being bullied in Arizona. Her name is Chy Johnson (pronounced "Shy"). She is a 16 year old girl with a brain disorder that causes her head to be smaller than normal.

Apparently she was being teased pretty bad, in fact at lunch some girls were even throwing food on her. So Chy's Mom decided to do something not everyone would think of doing. She E Mailed the Quarterback of the High School's undefeated football team, Carson Jones and asked for his help.

Carson Jones is against bullying as well, and the next day he invited Chy to eat with the football team. She has sat at their table ever since. The team also keeps an eye on her in the halls and it has become clear to the school that bullying Chy is not an option.

I know it's a simple story but I like it. I wish all young people had the class of Carson and the integrity and leadership to pull it off.