Yesterday, Kurt Busch was suspended from this weekends races in Pocono by NASCAR for verbally abusing a reporter this past Saturday following the Nationwide Race at Dover. This is not an uncommon thing for Busch as he is very well known to have a bad temper. It has cost him his job with 2 different race teams and makes him a rather unlikeable guy among NASCAR fans.

Kurt's Brother, Kyle is also a bit of a hot head. He was suspended for a weekend last year for putting Ron Hornaday into the wall during a Truck race. He is a great race car driver I will give him that, but his attitude and cockiness also make him get plenty of boos from fans of auto racing.

Jimmie Johnson gets alot of flack I think mainly because the guy wins all the time and many fans are just sick of it. Jeff Gordon was the same way back when he was constantly winning championships and some thought he was a bit of a whiner. Tony Stewart has a tendency to speak his mind and some folks have a problem with that. I've heard Kevin Harvick's name mentioned from some fans although I'm not really sure why and of course there is one of NASCAR's newest names but not new to auto racing Danica Patrick, who has been known to get under the skin of fans.

With all that said, I thought I would poll my fellow NASCAR fans out there and ask who you dislike the most.  I have added other names that I didn't mention above because just because they aren't booed by everyone doesn't mean that they are liked by all fans. Dale Jr. is always voted by Most Popular Driver, but there are some out there who don't like him.