I'm sorry. I can't be swayed. I heard somebody's new album tonight and I'm convinced that she's got the most soothing, un-annoying voice ever – but maybe you disagree.

Disclaimer:  The following blog is totally personal opinion. Your opinion may vary, and probably does.  I would love to hear your answer to the question, "Who has the most pleasing female voice in country music?"

There are many different types of vocal prowess when it comes to the female voice (or anyone's voice for that matter, but I'm concentrating on the ladies here). There's the screamer type, the whisperer type, and they all have their place.  I won't call anyone out here, except for my number one all around least annoying voice on the planet.

To me the most incredibly soothing,controlled set of pipes in Country hands down has to be Trisha Yearwood.  I almost forgot about her in recent years, unfortunately.  She has had precious few radio hits. The reason escapes me.  She's as relevant today as she was 20 years ago, in my eyes.    I guess her absence makes the heart and the ears grow fonder  however.

Prizefighter Album Cover from Amazon.com

We were given  copies of her new album, "Prizefighter" this week, and I'm in love with that voice all over again.  She has some incredible new songs on there,  as well as some older hits, like Perfect Love, X's and O's and the fantastic duet she did with the hubby - "In Another's Eyes".

I may have to camp out in front of our music director's door until he plays "He's Cheatin' On Us".  Very cleverly written and adeptly delivered. But then again, we'll leave that discussion alone for the time being.

Honestly though, download this album if you get the chance.   I think you'll be very pleased with the most pleasing voice ever, hands down.

Agree?  No?  You have somebody better?  Ok, tell me (but you'll never convince me)