Would you drive a car to three MILLION miles?  Is that even possible?  Who keeps a car that long and why? 

My car is reaching 60,000 miles and I think it’s time to turn it in before I lose too much value on it.  However, there is a man on Long Island who bought his car in 1966 and it’s about to hit 3 MILLION miles and he is STILL driving it!  It’s not a “hand me down” or a car he bought used, he is the original owner!

Is this normal? Are there people who love their car so much they don’t want a new one? I guess there are people who get emotionally attached to their cars and just don’t want to trade it in so they keep driving it.  OR, maybe you just don’t want a car payment so you keep driving it rather than buying a new one.  Hey, if it’s still going, why not I guess.

My Wife’s friend Jenn just posted a picture of her 1994 Nissan that she had in COLLEGE.  She JUST got rid of it and it had over 220,000 miles on it!  The only reason she got rid of it is because it was in a fender bender and the cost of repair was more than the value of the car.  She actually had to take a few days to think about her decision because she loved her car so much.  18 years, 220,000 miles and lots of memories!

Is this a new trend I am not up to speed on?  Are there more of you out there with your first or second car you don’t want to part with?  Let me know your story.   Post your mileage below and maybe add a picture of your car too.