This might be the oldest argument ever - who contributes more around the house when it comes to the "menial task" department?   Men of course will say MEN, women say WOMEN, and never the twain shall meet!  But I think we all know the real answer.  Let's get REAL here.

Every once in awhile, I'll be asked to use this thing and clean the dust wads around the house.  But I know that no matter how I try, I'll never do it correctly anyway.  The same goes for vacuuming, or cleaning the toilets.  So whether Dorrie does it in the first place, or spends time redoing my work, it ends up in her lap anyway, so she's the winner by default.  (By de FAULT of the husband being too lazy to take the time to do it right- I'll admit it!)




And I don't get me going about THIS task. (No pun intended).  Anyway, using the great Blake Shelton hit "Honey Bee", I decided to attack this subject head on, and the incentive here was an article at aptly entitled "Chore Wars", which basically says that "men are now pulling their weight at home, but women still think they're slacking off!".  Here's the parody (and I play both parts in the song because my wife refused to be a part of it!)

What chores cause wars around your house?  Would love to know!  Leave your comments below!  (and if you'd like to sing along to this ditty, I've included the lyrics below!)



(Parody of Honey Bee, by Blake Shelton)

Girl I can feel your disgust

Bending down to collect my stuff,

Picking up my underwear after I get undressed

I know I drive you crazy

but I’m SUPPOSED to be lazy

Watching cable - that’s what guys do the best so




I’ll let you cook the meat,

make me some thin spaghetti,

I’ll take the garbage out,

only when I’m good and ready,

You should have known all this,

when you first met me,

You’re the hard working one

and I’m the s.o.b.


(wife responds)

Ha Ha-  hope you’re trying to be funny,

Cuz guess who controls your money?

It sure ain’t you - you know that’s a fact

(dumb ass)


And while you were sittin’ there, Paul,

1965 called

Time to give your chauvinistic attitude back -it’s over



I’ll try to make spaghetti,

I’ll take the garbage out,



Make sure you wash the bedding,

you’ll need it for the couch,


( husband)

I’ll be a better man, just you wait and see



There’s one thing you can’t change