Forbes Magazine put together a list of the Top Ten Overpaid Players in the NFL. The list is based on the player's yearly salary and bonuses. I am not sure what formula they used to determine who makes too much but some of the list is hard to argue with.

The sad part for a lot of my friends is there are three New York Jets on the list. Including the top spot. Pictured above is number 1.

All salaries listed are for 2012:

#1 David Harris, Jets Linebacker $12 Million

#2 Karlos Dansby, Dolphins Linebacker $10.7 Mill

#3 Jonathan Joseph, Texans Corner $9.75 Mill

#4 Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars Tight End $9.6 Mill

#5 Santonio Holmes, Jets Wide Receiver $9.25 Mill

#6 DeAngelo Williams, Panthers Running Back $8.7 Mill

#7 Antonio Cromartie, Jets Corner $8.25 Mill

#8 Sidney Rice, Seahawks Receiver $8.2 Mill

#9 Vernon Davis, 49ers Tight End $8 Mill

#10 Darren McFadden, Raiders Running Back $7.8 Mill

I can see points for some of these guys but not all of them. Read Forbes reasons here.