There are a couple of Capital Region towns on the new list of Laziest Towns in New York by

They took data from 170 places in New York with over 5,000 people, and they ranked each place from 1 to 170 for each of the criteria with 1 being the “laziest”.

Here is the criteria -

  • Lowest average hours worked
  • Shortest commute time
  • Fewest workers per household (Labor force divided by the number households)
  • Highest unemployment rate
  • Fewest adults with a college degree

And, the laziest town in all of New York is one that I have spent a lot of time in!  And, you know what, as much as I love you, Salamanca, you're pretty freaking lazy!

**Salamanca is in Western New York near the Pennsylvania border and it's about 20 minutes from my hometown.**

Here are the top 10 Laziest -

  1. Salamanca
  2. Gloversville
  3. Massena
  4. Jamestown
  5. Niagara Falls
  6. Utica
  7. Dunkirk
  8. Fulton
  9. Elmira
  10. Medina

Amsterdam, I'm looking at you!  Because you didn't do so hot either!  You're 12th on the list!

See how your town ranked, CLICK HERE.

Here's a pic of me in the laziest town in New York -

Bethany broadcasting live from the Laziest Town in New York, Salamanca!