With the passing of the  resolution to allow casino gambling in New York State there has been a whole lot of speculation on where in the Capital District one would be. The obvious area would of course be Saratoga where they already have horse racing and the video gaming machines. Now, according to a recent article in the Times Union, we may find one built in Albany where the old Tobin's First Prize building is , just off I90.

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The thing about it is while most everyone I know likes the idea of having a casino/resort in the area, it seems that when a specific spot is brought up the residents of that area revert back to the age old, "Not in my back yard" argument.

The "NIMBY" mentality seems to come to the forefront with just about any change or improvement a city wants to make. Sometimes it's a new super center, factory or in this case, casino.  I think I would welcome jobs and expansion in my back yard, though I would probably protest a landfill.

So my question to you is this my friends, assuming there will be at least one casino awarded to this area, where would YOU want it to be. Where do you think the added jobs, taxes, tourism and revenue should go?