All I wanted was a new CD.  I hadn't splurged in a long time.  I wanted to actually HOLD a physical piece of music in my hands and have some photos and lyrics to look at too.  Am I asking too much?  Apparently so. First of all, record stores?  I've already showed my age.  They're not called record stores.  The also don't call them CD stores either.  Music stores?  I guess it doesn't matter - there are very few left anyway.

I'll tell you where I went, and this is no slander against them, by any means.  I LOVE Barnes and Noble.  It's a beautiful place, and I go there and mooch around whenever I can to see what's out there.  I also loved their music section.

I say LOVED in the past tense.  I moseyed on in and made my way to the usual section - the box sets.  I do that because I'm too cheap to every buy one, but I like to dream.   I found the box sets alright, but upon closer inspection I realized that I was looking at box DVD sets of old movie and TV compilations. Not ONE audio box set that I could see.

Then my eyes panned the room and -WOW.  It then hit me like a ton of bricks.  They moved ALL of the music to one relatively skimpy area to the left as you walk in.  I couldn't believe it.  Not only are records a total antique, but CD's too?  Is EVERYONE downloading?  It just didn't dawn on me that it has affected the retail stores that much.

Would YOU like to see music back in the stores?  Does it bother you?  Or is it just easier to download it and "who cares?"  Would love to know.  I for one want them back.  In fact, bring back albums, cassettes and 8 tracks too!