Bacon. It is loved and adored by all. So how does NY rank versus other states when it comes to our love of bacon?

According to, we are a little below the national average when it comes to how much we love bacon:

Ginny's based their findings on 33,000 bacon photos on Instagram to come to this conclusion.

So, you can take this one of 2 ways. You can agree with the results and say we just like, but don't really love bacon. I completely disagree with this conclusion. Who doesn't absolutely LOVE bacon? I mean, it's bacon!

Now here is the alternate view of the situation. Maybe we love bacon so much in New York, that while we are eating it, the last thing on our minds is posting a photo of our bacon to Instagram. That is TRUE LOVE of bacon. We are so focused on savoring this tasty treat, that nothing else matters.