Estately recently determined which states are the worst based on the number of Nickelback concerts, people who eat egg salad, and more.

It's good news for us: New York comes in at 28 on this latest Estately list. And yes, it is super scientific. Estately based this list on some add stats including the number of Magicians Arby's in each state, the number of Google Searches for Egg Salad Recipes, people expressing intereest in Gwyneth Paltrow's magazine 'Goop' and more fun stuff. Some of our neighbors also did well in this one: Massachusetts landed at 43 and Vermont at 46. New Jersey did not do so well, coming in as the 9th worst state. (I know, you are not surprised! Ha!)

Topping the list? Nevada! As Estately says:

If there’s one state in the country that should be abandoned, it’s Nevada. The state is crawling with magicians, all hoping to become the next Criss Angel, who performs nine shows a week in Las Vegas, and spells his first name in the worst possible way.

Here's to New York not being lame!! ;)