When is the best time of year to make that all important  purchase you've been holding off for?   Black Friday, of course, right?  Right!  End of blog.  Have a nice day. (Sorry, not so fast, folks!)

I "STUMBLED UPON" a site from Stumbleupon.com.  The site is called Lifehacker.com, and they talk about "The Best Time To Boy Anything in 2012".

It has an amazing amount of information about "timing" every conceivable thing that you may be thinking of purchasing.  Some of it is obvious, and some not so!

Example 1.   Digital cameras.  The best time?  Mid January after the Consumer Electronics Show.

Example 2   Gift Cards! Just after the holidays, because there are gift card exchange sites like Plastic Jungle, where people trade the cards that they don't' want!

Example 3 Mattresses- Answer?  May, because they will be coming out with the summer models.

So check out the site.  It may make you stop, calm down,  and re-think before you reach for the credit card!  You could save BIG!  And if you'd like other ways to save money, check out our Coupon Lady on-air segment and blogs!