This is so amazing.  I just having this conversation at home.  I have a new nickname for our kids' generation .  They are ATM gen kids. And I'm not sure I can blame them!

OK.  So what's an ATM gen kid?  That's a child who was brought up watching us go to the drive thru window of the bank and witnessing money flying out into our hot little hands.  They see no connection to where it came from.  They just know that when we need money, we insert this little plastic card and we're home free.

Need something at the store?  Spit the money out!  Clothes? Toys? Spit, spit, spit!  There's not much in the way of teaching them to put money IN, or to not spend more than you have!

When I was a boy (Oh God, here we go!)..but seriously, my parents had a small mom and pop store.  They had a cash register there.  If I needed money, they would reach into the drawer and give it to me , within reason.  But I got to see what was in the drawer, so I knew how much there was or wasn't available. You don't have that today, and it's not teaching financial responsibility.

But maybe that's finally changing.  Sesame Street is starting to teach about money and I think it's a fantastic idea.  Here's a sample from

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Are we making kids grow up too fast, or is this smart to expose kids to?  Would really love to know.  Leave your comments!   (Gee, I wonder if they have a version for Wall Street Bankers to watch!)