If you know me in anyway, whether it be personally, on the radio or online, you know that I am a huge football fan. A Pittsburgh Steelers fan to be exact, but I love the sport in general. If there is football on the TV, I will sit and watch it.  I am one of those fans who goes crazy for "The Boys Of Fall" much like Kenny Chesney sang about.

I am one of those people though who doesn't really get into the game till the season officially begins. Wednesday September 5th when the Giants play the Cowboys is when it's all official for me this year. Some others are different, there are those who love watching pre-season just as much. I don't really get into that because the games don't count and alot of the guys on the field are 2nd and 3rd stringers.  Some folks love training camp but I want to really watch games, not practice. Although I have enjoyed checking out Giants Camp a time or two.

So, If you are a football fan I ask this question of you: