No one seems to believe how clumsy and accident prone I am when they first meet me. But, trust me...give it a couple of months and you'll start to see what my friends and family have grown to understand is just "Marissa."

Matty Jeff said to me this morning, "Are you just rebellious now that you have health insurance again?" No. Not rebellious. Maybe just not as cautious?

He's right, for the first three months working here at 'GNA, nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen. I was being careful. In the last couple of months though, I fell back in the chair in the studio, I've fallen down the stairs (HARD) at my house and I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from that, I caused a pretty big bruise to form on my foot playing around in a kid's plastic, battery-powered Mustang and over the weekend I attempted to catch a softball coming at lightning speed from left field only for it to bend my thumb all the way back.


That wasn't exactly the word I used when it happened though. I think that's how everyone knew I wasn't kidding because the word I did choose wasn't radio friendly and I said it about 14 times.

Thankfully, Brandy, one of the women on my team, works in the medical field and instantly knew what to do. My thumb wasn't out of place (thank God!) and it didn't seem broken necessarily, but it was swelling up instantly. We got me all wrapped up and the team player I am (or the dumb*** I am) kept playing to help my team get the win (which we did, by the way.)

Obviously this is nothing new to me. I've been accident prone my entire life. In fact, I was just told by Jeff Levack from 104.5 The Team that I should be bubble-wrapped. Maybe he's right, but at least I'm aware of how accident prone I am and wear that badge proudly. Not an actual badge though because I'd probably stab myself with the pin.

Some of these things I deal with are clearly my own stupid fault and others are obviously out of my control but I also know I'm not alone! Tell me how accident prone you are! What's your dumbest injury? How have you injured yourself?