This is a very weird phenomenon right now - the "cats afraid of cucumbers" videos.  It's a viral craze actually.  I have a few questions:  Why?, Why? and WHY???

First the facts.  According to a site called Upvoted, this all started in the summer.  Someone posted a video of a cat flipping out over this very popular green veggie.

I don't think this was the one, but here is an example of what happens when a feline sees on from YouTube.

This is becoming such a popular little hobby that people have - callously scaring their animals, that there is actually a Reddit community called aptly Cucumbers Scaring Cats

Ok.  So here are my questions:

1. Why?  Why the heck would you want to scare an animal like that.  How would YOU like it?

2. Why?  Why are cats scared in the first place.  Is it the shape?  The color?  Does it remind them of a snake or something?  Nobody really knows the answer!

3. And finally, WHY are we so much more interested in cats on social media than almost anything else?

So many questions.  If you have answers, please leave them in the comment section. I'd love to be able to sleep better.