With the amazing Saratoga Brewfest on the way in June, we thought we would try to do a beer tasing contest but not with the amazing craft brews you will find at Saratoga Brewfest, we were wondering which of the three big DOMESTIC light beers we would prefer if we didn't know what we were drinking.

Now, I'm sure there were plenty of other beers we could have tried but let's be honest , for the most part when it comes to light beer most people buy Bud Light, Coors Light or Miller Light. The  we buy a particular one may not be as obvious as just it taste the best though, I'm sure some people out there may have only tried one or two different beers before they settled on a favorite, maybe even just one.

So we sent our producer , Dave out to get all three beers, (preferably cold) and we had at it. So which do you think we all chose?

To be fair I should let you in on a couple of things the video doesn't show. One, the Miller Light was indeed a little warmer than the other two and I think that makes a difference, and two, after the taste test was over I tried again to differentiate between Coors Light and Bud Light to be sure of my favorite and I'm not so sure Bud Light didn't make me want to change my mind. I'm pretty sure if Bud Light Lime were available it would have won hands down.