If you live in the Capital Region, I'm sure the name rings a bell. I had a chance to hear him at a 'GNA Live on Location event recently, and was blown away!  He's Bobby Kendall.  Have you heard his stuff? Followers of Kevin Richards would know the name immediately.  Bobby Kendall was the winner of WGNA's  Country Idol contest in 2011.  He knocked the audience's socks off there and has been going strong ever since with appearances all over the area and beyond - WAY beyond (as in Nashville).  Major record labels are watching him very closely, and so are we! Here's his bio (as told by the man himself)

Now this was one of the many original tunes that caught my attention personally.  I LOVE this!  Check it out.

If you want more, you can find it all on iTunes and/or at a special event I am going to be involved with on March 15th.  It's Kevin and my COUNTRY CABIN FEVER party, where we've invited Bobby to sing some of his hits.  We'd love to see you there!

Best of luck to a real talent.  Maybe he'll be headlining Countryfest one day!