I'm not sure what is spinning in your CD player, or what's blasting through your iPod headphones, and I certainly would like to know. If you asked me however, I can't seem to push the eject button on Keith Urban's new album "Fuse".  Here's why!

It's fantastic, that's why!   This is his 7th album, and it's a little bit different in the way it's produced.  It's got a much more electronic sound (but without the constant overuse of the dreaded "AutoTune").  It's like taking pop and country and putting it in a blender with just the right mixture of ingredients.

There are some great songs to crank up while you're driving like "Somewhere in My Car" (how ironic) along with the catchy "Little Bit Of Everything" (that you hear on 'GNA of course!) In case that doesn't ring a bell….

It also features that fantastic hit with Miranda Lambert, "We Were Us" (the song that my wife keeps complaining about, only because  she can't understand the words )  Picky, picky, Dorrie.  Who cares?  The tune is great!

But I'm not done.   There is a tune on there that I predict will explode if they release it.  Sometimes they do and sometimes it stays as an album cut.  It's a duet with Eric Church, and I am constantly hitting "repeat" when it's finished.  It's called "Raise Em Up".  OMG!!!!  Killer!!

16 cuts in all on the CD, and I have to say it might be his finest work yet.  The guy is definitely firing on all cylinders lately, isn't he?  Whether a repeat customer or newcomer to the incredible musicianship and vocal performance that this man miraculously exudes with each new release, I highly recommend you go out and get "Fuse".   It's DYNAMITE (arrf, arrf).

Here's the link to where you can find it on Amazon.com