Do you feel confused in the morning?  Do you feel sometimes like you've been shot out of a cannon-unable to think straight?  You're not alone.  Mornings CAN ruin your creativity.  Check this study out (unless you're in a rush- I'll try to make this quick)

According to an article at, we do mornings all wrong!  Think about this:

Recent studies show, for instance, that we are at our most creative when we're sleepy and not as focused—like when we first wake up, or before we fall asleep—so we should take advantage of that time.

In other words, rushing around and driving 80 mph on the Northway to get to work on time and getting the kids to the bus stop and all that stuff is destroying our ability to think!   Also, watching negative news stories in the morning is very detrimental too.

So try to keep it positive, and maybe you should get up earlier so you aren't stressed?  What's the alternative?  Is there a doctor in the house?  What suggestions do YOU have?  Would love to know!

Do you agree with this study?