Come on, guys.  You have to admit it.   We have monopolized money for way too long.  It's high time Andrew Jackson moved over and gave a lady a chance!   Who do YOU think deserves her name in the spotlight?

Now in real life the person who is chosen has to be deceased, but we wanted to have a little fun around here, so we're opening it up to anyone.  As you can see, I thought our very own Bethany would be the best choice.  She's our very own Susan B Anthony.

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She looks great!  I'd say she would absolutely be in the running, but let's see who YOU would choose.  Please take our poll.  We've had a lot of nominations on Facebook as well, I put the top ones in the poll.  Let's see who wins the prize (hypothetically).   (And if you want to know more about this actual movement that's received more than 80,000 signatures and counting, you can go to