It's another snowy day in the Capital Region!   We asked some WGNA listeners to tell us what they like to do on a Snow Day. 

Spencer Platt, Getty Images News

Jennifer Brennan Emery:   Tubing!

Alejandro Cruz-rich:   No snowday for me. Working outside in the snow and rain gotta love my job!

Chris Rundell:  Plow all the snow and make money.

Patience Wood Davidson:  Using the time to catch up on some laundry and cleaning and painting my fireplace mantle.

Marie Kucharski Mora:  I don't mind them once in a while, but not once or twice a week!!!! I usually make soup on a snow day.

Colleen James:  When I don't have to go out in it, I sit back and enjoy the beauty of it falling...maybe a little hot chocolate

Mary Feeley Neuhaus:  Make some homemade soup... stay in bum clothes alll day.. cuddle with my cat... and listen to WGNA...

Bonnie Hughes Newberry:   Shovel, catch up on e-mail, read a book, watch something on my DVR and do one task that I never find the time to do. Today it's clean out my file cabinet! Wonder how long that will take?

Ashley Martin:  A great day to curl up on the couch in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and do some wedding planning and homework while listening to some awesome country music. =)

Sue Leavenworth:  Bake for pennies from heaven bake sale

Shelley Riggert Furman:   Kevin, I love a good snow day. Yesterday my kids and I made hot cocoa, played some board games. We went outside for a bit, lit our candles. We went through old photos of when they were babies, and our albums of our summer family reunion. We made popcorn and rented a movie...its nice because usually my teenagers are off and running with friends when they aren't in school. Snow Days mean family days...and I love them. Another snow day today, so lucky to have two in a row.

Ronda Fusco:  Stay in with my man and cuddle all day!!!! PRICELESS!!!!

Diane Cafarella:  This is a rare occassion for me to get a snow day and I am going to enjoy being a kid today. Going to sit and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee, shovel the driveway, and mabe grab the snow shoes and take a good hike. The snow is beautiful.

Bill Johnson:   Write music, shovel, and have soup.

Tamilynn Wilson:   I do like getting under my blanket and drinking hot cocoa while watching television, when stuck in the house.

Anna Knowles:  Made a big pot of red sauce and meatballs, (comfort food). Now going to clean and organize my home office, finally!

Donna DeBiase:  We never really had too many snow days when I went to school and we didn’t have buses to bring us either. I used to love the snow when I was a kid, sledding, skating, making snow angels, now I can't even walk in it.

Donna Beaudry:   Take my son out and play, he loves it.  Then come in and have hot cocoa and cookies and cuddle.

Pita Eriole:  Hate driving in it and having to shovel.  But love taking my kids back to my childhood memories, sleighriding and building snowforts, even snowmen and snowangels. Quality time today on the hills the plows have made, and warmed by hot cocoa, have a great day everyone and stay safe.

Debra Velett:  Drinking hot cocoa, read a book and listen to the radio.

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