Homesnacks recently put together a list of each state's most streamed show on Netflix. No shock which show was tops in New York.


New Yorkers are watching 'Mad Men' the most, which makes sense since the show is based in New York City. Some other states follow the 'hometown/state' trend as well. "Nashville" topped the list in Tennessee, "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" was No. 1 in Pennsylvania, and "Boardwalk Empire" (based in Atlantic City) was the most-watched show in New Jersey. Some were more random. For example, "Family Guy" was the leading show in Ohio —you'd figure this would be No. 1 in the state it's based in: Rhode Island (RI's top show is "Unbreakable").

My most streamed show is "Law & Order." I am still catching up on old episodes of the original, and once I get hooked I can't stop watching. And it's funny how this one is also based in our home state. When it comes to binge watching, we love shows that are based around where we live! We LOVE NY!