Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's haunted house season!

Now, I'm not one to frequent haunted houses, but my family and friends are all about it. So in an effort to get into the Halloween spirit I thought I would ask: where is the best haunted house in the Capital Region, and what makes it the best?

Courtesy of Matt Cardy, Getty Images.

So much goes into a haunted house, right? The setting: does an open field make it scarier? The set up: are there people dressed up jumping out at you? The atmosphere: is there more to do there than just a haunted house, hayrides and the like?

Like I said, I'm not a haunted house guy. So, tell me the haunted houses you love and look forward to each year. Based on your recommendations I will set up a poll so we can vote on the best haunted house in the Capital Region.

You never know- maybe the family convinces me to go!