You know, I used to love Family Feud when I was growing up!  I loved to guess along, and giggle when they would get it right, and LOL when they got it wrong.

But, lately when I flip over to the Feud, I feel like I can't have my own kids in the room!  What used to be cute innuendos has turned in to big, dirty jokes!  It's like they heard that sex sells and they decided to go all the way!

I'm conflicted, you see, because I find the jokes amusing, and if it's not scripted, and the people really did say these things, then it's really funny!  Just not for my babies.

Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about-

Boobs -

Playing with yourself -

Don't Swallow -

Holding his stick -

And, this one is just plain weird -

Am I just getting really old? Am I turning into a prude? Tell me what you think!