What do Judgement Day, a Ferrari hatchback and Kirk Cameron Have in Common? They are all things we covered in today's morning monologue.  If you tune in late to the "Sean and Richie Show", you missed what may have been the longest monologue ever. I don't know if it was because the world is ending tomorrow, or just that it has been a very long week but we just seemed to be a little erratic today.  Let's see what we covered before you give it a listen.

  • Is Judgement Day really upon us?
  • Ferrari announced plans to make a hatchback?
  • Binge Drinking can impair your ability to learn.
  • Kirk Cameron and Stephen Hawking are at odds about the existance of God.
  • A Director was thrown out of Cannes for being a Hitler sympathizer.
  • Dick Chaney is releasing his autobiography.
  • The Secret Service questioned a thirteen year old boy about a Facebook update that they felt threatened the President.

It was a lot to get in , and we did get a little side tracked once in a while but it is still pretty fun to listen to. And really, it's not THAT long. You give it a listen and I'll let you judge whether it was worth your time.