We are going to visit  Mechanicville for the Small Town Tour this Friday morning.  We'll be at the Ugly Rooster.  I want to sing your theme song, but I think it needs more! 

Not long ago, guys, I wrote you a song.  Would you like to hear it again?

photo by Wendy Rose

Now there's that "rap" part where I rattle off some facts.  I'm sure I left out some things.  I'm willing to write you a second verse if you'd like to provide me with more information. Up for it?  Then leave me the factoids (funny or serious)  in the comment section and I will be happy to get to work on it.

 Original Lyrics 

                                   Parody of "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean
                                          Now they'res a town that we all know
that's got every business on the same road ,
And when you drive down that Park Road
You just might wind up at the End Zone
You'll find lots of churches there and preachers
and some darn good high school teachers
(Like Mr Daley)
And there's no if's no ands and no maybes
They've got their share of older folks and babies
You can grab some pizza, eat Chinese,
Find a bank or a bar or a Mickey D's
Costanzo's man is really cool
though I hear from the people that it's a zoo
In the summer you can kayak and canoe
find anthing that floats, and you can use that too
On the 4th of July they go berserk,
at the Talmadge Park they'res fireworks!
At one time there were lots of gin mills around
like the B and the D but they tore it down
Red Raiders team, they're the best
in MechanicSville - wait-they'res no "S"
I think you all know
they once had a nasty tornado
but they never lost their will
they grow em real tough in Mechanicville

In the meantime, we'd love to see you at the Ugly Rooster on Friday! We'll have prizes, and I'll have my piano if anyone wants to sing something!   See you there, thanks to Fidelis Care and the NY 529 College Savings Plan..