This past Saturday, I had event after event. It was a long day, but at the final event, I was given a treat! Here's the thing though, I saved it for today because I knew it would brighten up my Monday. The big question is would I actually like this "different" concoction.

At the Albany Devils Fan Fest party, we were set up next to the face painters and the cornhole gamers, as well as Muddaddy Flats based out of Troy.

As we were nearing the end of the party they came over with something special for the three of us working that day. It was a "Brookie."

What exactly is a "brookie?" Well, if you can figure out why "Brandgelina" was a thing, you can probably guess what two desserts were combined for this!

A brownie = delicious. A chocolate chip cookie = delicious. So, how are the two together?