You would think that this would be a blog about all of the features of the brand, spanky new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Honestly, you can find that out anywhere, and does it really matter what the new features are?  You know you're going to want it anyway, right?   The question on everyone's mind is...what can you get for your OLD phone? 

According to, the new iPhone releases could "drive the most old iPhone trade-ins EVER.

Here are some of the deals going on, according to the article (but deals could change, so go to their specific websites for the updates)

photo by Richie Phillips

1. Ebay will give you a $100 coupon if you don't sell yours on a competitive auction site. (You might be able to get $500 for the iPhone 5s!)

2. Target will give you a nice gift card if you have a fully functional phone without a cracked screen.

3. Sprint is now offering an iPhone for LIFE plan.  You can lease an IPhone with unlimited data, texting and calling for $70 a month, and then after 2 years you can upgrade after you return your old iPhone to them.

So there ya go!  3 good places to dump your warn out, dated, old school 6 month old technology. (Can you detect the dripping sarcasm?)

photo by Richie Phillips